Ticket Selling Terms For Event Hosts

Rates are negotiable for larger volumes and repeat business, but we start with a default base price of $0.75 per ticket sold, plus 4.00% of the total ticket price.

To calculate your ticket sales fees, multiply the ticket price x 0.04 (4%) and then add $0.75. So, for a $10 ticket, it would be $0.40 plus $0.75 totaling $1.15.

Build In Ticketing Fees
You can build in the TicketsSoEasy.com fees by marking up your ticket price. This is very much an expected industry standard to pay a little extra for the convenience of using a credit card to pay online instead of using cash or check.

You may choose to add your own additional "service charges" to the price of your tickets.

For example
Let's say you want to sell $15 member tickets and $25 non-member tickets.  Since no extra fees are tagged on during the consumer's purchasing process, you could do the following....

  • OPTION 1: Have the consumer pay all of the service charges:
    Sell your tickets for $16.50 ($15 x 0.04 + 0.75) and $27.00 ($25 x 0.04 + 0.75) to the consumer, and we'll pay you $15.15 and $25.25 per ticket sold
  • OPTION 2: Pay all of the service charges yourself:
    Sell your tickets for $15.00 and $25 to the consumer, and we'll deduct $1.35 and $1.75 from your total ticket sales dollar amount
  • OPTION 3: Split the service charges between you and the consumer:
    Sell your tickets for $15.75 and $26.00 to the consumer, and we'll deduct ~$0.75 and ~$0.87 from your total ticket sales dollar amount. The consumer ends up paying the other portion of the TicketsSoEasy.com fees.

Build Your Consumer Database
So how much would you pay for 100% accurate email addresses for people that actually want to be on your list? This is huge! For the nominal cost of our small fees, you in return get a full list of email addresses for your own database marketing for future events. Every event that you have gains you that many more 100% valid email addresses! Consumers information will remain private to the public.  No information given by ticket purchasers will be sold, or used, by any outside services, but you will have have access to your ticket sales customer's name and email address via the reports that we offer.  TicketsSoEasy.com venues can quickly add these addresses to their email distribution lists. TicketsSoEasy.com also has a bulk emailing tool where you can easily email ticket purchasers from selected previous events. So, every time you have an event, you can email that many more people about your next event. Duplicate emails will be only emailed one time.

Tracking Sales
You can access a sales report to track ticket sales at any time, from any browser. TicketsSoEasy.com allows you to issue your own refunds for events from the administration tools. [View Example]

How Ticket Redemption Works
Before the event, simply print a check-list of ticket sales which will be used at your event entrance. [View Example]

Different Types Of Tickets
You can add different types of tickets such as member and non-member, or single and couple tickets. All tickets are sold as general admission or unassigned seating.  However, you can set up different types of tickets to reflect different sections or categories of entry.

Payment To Venues
Sales revenue checks are mailed (or directly deposited) to you 3 business days after the ticket sales ending date. 

Purchasing Process
Consumers can purchase tickets in just two quick and painless steps without having to fill out a bunch of personal information.

Your Financial Obligations: Refund Policies & Disputes
Your event should include your own refund policy in each description. Refunds can be done on credit cards via the administration pages. It is your responsibility to handle refunds accordingly with customers since their cards will be charged from TicketsSoEasy.com. If a ticket purchaser chooses to dispute their credit card charge, you will be liable for the $25 chargeback fee, PLUS the cost of the amount that was returned to the customer who issued the dispute. Disputes rarely ever happen unless the event host failed to fulfill their event obligation AND no refund or proper communication was provided by the host. So, you must handle any disputes from customers via a refund check or a refund on their card. If a consumer disputes a charge, there is a mediation process involved by the bank and processor. If your refund policy is very clear, you should not have any issues. TicketsSoEasy.com allows you to handle your own credit card refunds from the administration tools. Also, you need to email customers proactively if you know of any potential issues that may cause them to dispute a transaction. Chargebacks are a negative mark against TicketSoEasy.com, so they need to be avoided as much as possible via your own dealings with these customers.

Ticket Minimums And Maximums
Whether you are selling 10,000 tickets or just 10, TicketsSoEasy.com can even cater to just about any size event!

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